“Jewellery is always a treasure, and though it may not be made of gold and diamonds, it should still have that sentiment.”

Tom Binns

Hi, I'm Hannah. I live in Brighton, UK. I run the Beach Shack Project and I also co-run the Makers Boutique, a monthly contemporary arts and crafts market in Brighton. I ♥ Handmade.

My work stems around a central idea of taking objectionable elements and altering them so they then become objects of desire. The concept of imperfections being beautiful and items of little worth being transformed into contemporary designs revolves around the found objects I use in my work. Most of my materials are gathered from the coast, so my work is heavily influences by this. Although my work is heavily focused on using found objects, often detrimental to the coastal ecosystem, my work didn’t start out as a recycling project. I use the beach as a platform for gathering new ideas and materials, and then the pieces design themselves in my head. I never see what I find as rubbish, but just an unfinished part of something else…